Roberts & Lord – Eponymous

Asthmatic Kitty

Asthmatic Kitty is one of those record companies that you can always count on to release quirky yet fabulous albums. Since indie legend Sufjan Stevens founded it in 1999 the independent label has brought a variety of artists on board ranging in genre from experimental jazz (I Heart Lung) to folky gospel (The Welcome Wagon). The label’s newest addition is Roberts & Lord which will be making its opening appearance to the world on Tuesday September 6 with the release of its full-length Eponymous .

The album was recorded while the two veteran members/producers were on opposite sides of the Atlantic. Rafter Roberts recorded the backgrounds on an analog tape machine in San Diego. Simon Lord took the tracks and recorded vocals over them. That process is surely an impressive feat but Eponymous — which expertly collaborates the genres of dance reggae pop and R&B — doesn’t rely on the novelty of the long-distance musical relationship to make its mark.

Instead the pair has made an album that is catchy weird and quite excellent. Roberts’s beats are driven by raw and heavy percussion and incorporate random brass instruments (“oblique”) and keyboards (“we rise we fall”). Lord certainly understands that Eponymous is a dance album more than anything else and doesn’t take anything too seriously with his Lewis Carroll-inspired writing. Together Roberts and Lord have made a killer debut album.