Many of you returned to school this week meaning you probably should be sobering up and getting some sleep as you focus on another year of studies. But that’s boring and unbecoming. There’s still room in your schedule to go out almost every night this week especially with choices like the following.

Kick off the weekend with a performance from Vancouver punk legends DOA at the Palomino on Friday September 9. The band will bring its timeless sound back to Alberta for the recording of a live DVD. Aside from the dudes who coined the term “hardcore” the show also includes Vancouver’s The Jolts and local punk institute Spastic Panthers which we featured in this very issue of Fast Forward .

Speaking of bands you can read about in these pages Victoria’s Babysitter will be headlining a show at Broken City that will also take place on Friday September 9. It’s a fitting name for a group sharing a bill with local teenage indie rockers Faux Fur whose underage members will no doubt be begging to stay up late to watch scary movies.

For an entirely different breed of rock ’n’ roll head over to MacEwan Hall on Saturday September 10 for Bring Me the Horizon Parkway Drive Architects UK and Deez Nuts . These bands embody that slick tween-friendly version of metalcore that’s all social networking and neon jeans. Imagine a metal show where the smell of sweat is replaced by a thick aroma of hairspray and candy-flavoured lip gloss.

On Monday September 12 the rock ’n’ roll keeps coming with an appearance from Edmonton’s Sans AIDS at Undermountain. Starting off as the solo moniker for STD-free singer-songwriter Peter Sagar Sans AIDS is now a full on indie rock band. Kicking off a tour to Montreal here’s hoping the members don’t get too wild backstage or they’ll have to change their name when they get home.

For a major change of pace long-running rocksteady ska group The Slackers will bring their decades of crowd-pleasing to the Ironwood Stage and Grill on Tuesday September 13 as part of their 20th anniversary tour. Not only is this a shocking reminder that ska is still a legitimate genre but these guys manage to keep it sort of classy avoiding the Hawaiian shirts and shell necklaces of the genre’s late ’90s heyday.

Finally on Wednesday September 14 the Hifi Club will become Australian as with an appearance from glitchy hip-hop producer OPIUO . Hailing from Melbourne this forward-thinking beat-smith offers more personality than a Chris Lilley character. Do your best on the dance floor that night and you might be up for a good rooting.