Rogen and Gordon-Levitt have fun with cancer

Meanwhile Faris hooks up with all her exes

There comes a point in all of our lives when it’s best to just drop our childhood grudges and accept that people who may have once been ass-hats have probably matured into all-around decent people. I’m not there yet. No matter what I do there are people from high school I just don’t like. And no matter how hard I try I still don’t have much time for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

It’s not that I don’t like him I’m just not convinced he’s anything special. Yet. Like everyone else I thought he made a great zero-gravity hallway fighter in Inception and I’ve got a soft spot for the entire cast of 10 Things I Hate About You . But his character in 500 Days of Summer was so mopey it made me actively root against a film’s protagonist for maybe the first time in my life. But I don’t have much time for mopes in general so maybe that one’s on me.

Either way it’s with a fair bit of trepidation that I look forward to 50/50 . It’s being described as the “cancer comedy” because you guessed it it’s a comedy about two best friends and how their lives are changed when one of them gets cancer. It’s obviously a ballsy premise but it’s one that has the potential to really touch a lot of people. The critics at TIFF lost their minds over it and however you may feel about Gordon-Levitt or co-star Seth Rogen it’s refreshing to see a mainstream comedy confronting such a serious issue.

Remember when Anna Faris was on Entourage and the writers made it seem like she might hook up with Eric before promptly abandoning that storyline and never mentioning it again? Yeah Entourage was the worst. Well it’s four years later now and Faris looks like she’s finally recovered from that terrible ordeal. In What’s Your Number? she stars as a newly single girl who thinks she’s slept with too many men so she seeks out all of her exes to avoid adding to her “number” while still getting laid.

It’s actually a pretty funny idea if you want my opinion (which is presumably why you are reading this) but there’s one thing that pisses me off. The last time I got dumped I binge-drank for three months and took up recreational badminton. But Faris gets dumped and Chris “Captain America” Evans just shows up and starts hanging out with his shirt off. That’s a pretty easy way to get over a breakup if you ask me. I wouldn’t have had sex with him but it would’ve been nice to say I played badminton against a superhero.

This weekend’s other new release is Dream House . Since he landed the Bond role in Casino Royale Daniel Craig’s been doing everything in his power to separate himself from the role. I understand that he doesn’t want to be typecast but he’s really gone out of his way to play dumpy-looking low-lifes. I guess reminding audiences that you don’t just look great in a suit you also look slightly less great in jeans and a hoodie is important to some people but it’d sure be nice to see Craig back as Bond some time soon.

The house in Dream House isn’t actually all that dreamy. Unless your dreams involve having your young family savagely murdered and reliving their deaths through vivid psychotic episodes. If they do this is the house for you. It’s directed by Jim Sheridan who helped bring 50 Cent a.k.a Ferrari’s story to life in Get Rich or Die Tryin’ and with a proven pedigree like that we’re pretty much guaranteed a hit.