Pizza Pursuit – Al’s Pizza

Al’s Pizza

735 Ranchlands Blvd. N.W.


Order: Everything ($20). A 12-inch pizza topped with ham bacon beef salami pepperoni Italian sausage tomatoes mushrooms onions pineapples green peppers olives and feta and mozzarella cheeses. I think….

Crust: It’s a Greek-style crust that hits all the right points. It’s thick and rife with air pockets and has a nicely browned underside. The big anchoring end pieces support an overall product that is light enough in texture that you don’t feel like you’re eating a ball of dough or a brick.

Sauce: A thick chunky sauce made in house. It was well seasoned and considering all the toppings it still made an impression. Good work Al’s.

Toppings: When I phoned to order the pizza simply described as “Everything” on the menu I asked what was on it. As it turns out it was quicker to list what’s not on it: “Pretty much everything but seafood anchovies and meatballs” is how it was described. I was very impressed with the distribution and volume of toppings.

Dining options: Dine in takeout or delivery.

Decision: Considering the sheer multitude of toppings everything worked surprisingly well together. As long as you don’t mind the ingredient list I would recommend trying this pizza. This pie gets four out of six slices.

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