A brownie for East Village

There are still a lot of vacant lots in the East Village but the East Village redevelopment project is already garnering national recognition.

Last week the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) was given a Brownie Award for its work rejuvenating the East Village. The Brownie Awards handed out by the Canadian Urban Institute recognize urban regeneration developments that “offer a quality of place and contribute to the community at large.”

“This is an acknowledgement that the master plan for the East Village and the work we have done for the master plan is resonating with the rest of the country” says Susan Veres vice-president of marketing and communication for the CMLC. “People from the east are looking at Calgary as being forward-thinking in how we are planning the downtown living experience.”

Glenn Miller vice-president of education and research at the Canadian Urban Institute says the jury was impressed by the integrated approach the CMLC took to the redevelopment. “It’s clearly a complex project but the approach is very bold and comprehensive” Miller says. “The way the redevelopment is integrated into the downtown fabric is very important.”

Eventually the East Village will be an “amenity-rich” community of 11500 residents but there is still a lot of work to be done. With the streetscaping and part of the RiverWalk completed Veres says “The canvas has been painted for private investment to come forward.” The next steps will include phase three of RiverWalk and the St. Patrick’s Island bridge as well as a marketing centre to be launched in 2012 where the CMLC’s corporate partners will showcase their future residential developments.