The world of paranormal romance

Author journeys into the realm of fantasy

Nalini Singh is a superb paranormal romance novelist fascinated by the journey of the imagination. It’s in the context of this journey that the author has once again created a world beyond human perception.

Not only is the story romantic mystifying intriguing and captivating the writing is descriptive. The novel’s opening sentence “Swathed in the silken shadows of deepest night New York was the same… and altered beyond compare” attests to her writing style. At the outset the reader feels welcomed into a world beyond the ordinary.

Imaginations roam freely amidst angels archangels and vampires. Singh’s portrayal of angels as powerful supernatural creatures in their own right without God is fascinating.

The slow-moving plot in the first 100 pages is the novel’s drawback. However this works to Singh’s advantage. She sets the stage for more character development. Although it can be boring at times the author’s peppering of sexy scenes helps to at least make it stimulating.

Her characters are funny interesting and well developed. Elena Deveraux the book’s heroine returns to New York after gaining her angel’s wings and battling Lijuan the ancient death-obsessed archangel of China. Upon her return she joins her lover Raphael the archangel who controls North America. A vicious attack on a girls’ school by a rogue vampire that led to the murder of the heroine’s two older half-sisters provokes Elena to get back to her Guild Hunter duties. She finds herself not only tracking the rogue vampire but also investigating a number of other cruel vampire attacks.

Romantic tension is evident in the novel — Raphael tries to control Elena but she won’t let him. Taking orders from her mate is incompatible with her dangerous job as a Guild Hunter. Despite this tension or perhaps because of it they regularly engage in ahem physical confirmation of their love throughout the story. That said Archangel’s Consort lacks the greater romantic tension of Singh’s three previous novels.