The week might climax just as it begins with an appearance from almighty hip-hop legend KRS One at the Commonwealth Bar on Thursday November 17. The thoughtful New York rapper is also an outspoken activist and will surely have some big things to say in these occupying times.

By Friday November 18 you should be ready to dumb it down a little with some Albertan punk rock at Broken City. Both Rum Runner and The Throwaways have been no strangers to the stage of late but that just means they’ll be well-practised for this show which also sees Edmonton’s Nervous Wreck grace the stage.

Maybe you’d rather spend the evening with some Cancon female singer-songwriters in which case there are two options. Warm up your eardrums for Feist later in the week with an appearance from OG adult-alternative songstress Sarah Slean who will charm the pants off the University Theatre on Friday November 18.

Or if you’re in the mood for something a little more youthful you could check out the tween-ready electro-pop of Lights who will hit the MacEwan Ballroom on the same night. The well-connected singer is managed by none other than Canadian adult-alternative guru Jian Ghomeshi who has taken her career everywhere from countless stages to an appearance on MTV’s The Hills spinoff The City . It saddens me deeply that I know that.

Maybe your idea of a good Friday night is neither punk rock nor singer-songwriters however. Maybe you’d rather be inundated with rhetorical devices via some hip-hop flavoured slam poetry. If you belong to that select few you’ll want to check out CR Avery Vancouver’s answer to Buck 65 at the Ironwood.

Come Saturday November 19 you’ll be able to relive Halloween with the gloomy goth pop of Toronto’s Austra who you can read about in this issue. They’ll be joined by the dark folk of Tasseomancy so expect lots of black makeup and black clothes. Don’t enjoy the music too much however — we’d hate for you to crack a smile.

Then again there should be smiles aplenty at The Palomino on the same night when local prog punks This City Defects bring their wild riffs to the stage. With support from endlessly touring Vancouver indie rock unit In Medias Res the show is undoubtedly a worthwhile choice.

When Monday November 21 hits the Jack Singer Concert Hall will be everyone’s top choice with an appearance from the ultimate adult-contempo star and one-time Alberta resident Feist . We interviewed her for this issue but you should also note that Constantines frontman Bry Webb will be opening the show playing cuts from his excellent new solo record Provider .