Pizza Pursuit – Michael’s

Michael’s Restaurant and Pizza

139 10th Ave. S.W.


Order: Michael’s Special ($18.25). A 10-inch pizza topped with pepperoni mushrooms beef ham green peppers onions and shrimp.

Crust: The dough was fairly soft but sturdy enough to support all the toppings. The underside was light allowing the balance of the crust to remain puffy and tasty. I’m always amazed when a pizza joint finds the sweet spot. The timing has to be right on the money.

Sauce: Fairly sweet and thick. This sauce played well with the other ingredients.

Toppings: Everything worked really well together on this one. Admittedly it’s a familiar list of ingredients that you’ll find on many a pizza in many a town. That said there’s no guarantee that the quality or distribution will be right. Michael’s has managed to succeed on both counts. The vegetables were sliced thin and retained a decent crunch; the beef was lean and tasty; the deli meats had good texture and taste; and the mushrooms brought an earthiness to the dish. Lastly the tiny shrimp — so small you almost miss them — found their way to the top of my palate with each and every bite. It added an extra zing to an already successful pie.

Dining options: Eat in takeout or delivery.

Decision: While there’s nothing groundbreaking going on here that’s okay. As far as I’m concerned it’s all right to be doing the same thing as everyone else but with one disclaimer: you need to be doing it better. Within this class of pizza Michael’s rises to the top of the pile. I’m awarding them five out of six slices.

Next up: Urban Pizza Co. 675 Acadia Drive S.E.

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