Sarah Slean – Land & Sea

Pheromone Recordings

At some point someone is going to have to pay attention to Sarah Slean.

In what will prove to be a careering-defining moment in time for the underrated Canadian chanteuse the double-CD package of Land & Sea serves up piano-infused pop tracks with Land and a sprawling 21-piece orchestra with Sea .

Overkill by some standards perhaps but Slean’s limited fan base needn’t worry that the Pickering Ont. native is somehow becoming Sarah Brightman with the latter. It’s actually the depth and breadth of her voice which propels “The Devil and the Doves” “The Cosmic Ballet” “Napoleon” and “Attention Archers” while the lush strings and exciting percussive bursts only enhance her own natural gifts.

Slean remains a hopeful romantic minus the cheese with “The Day We Saved the World” “New Pair of Eyes” “I Am a Light” and “Life” which are just a few standouts from the Land portion.

If k.d. lang and Sarah McLachlan are the measuring stick for Canadian vocal greatness Sarah Slean is now in their company.