The girl with the golden mic

Erica Dee suits up for Snowblower

It’s a marshmallow world in the winter as the immortal crooner Dean Martin put it and few things could be sweeter than a free DJ dance party under a canopy of winter stars. A triumphant third return for the annual outdoor event presented by the High Performance Rodeo this year’s Snowblower promises to light up the night with a public spectacle suitable for all tastes and ages. Taking over Olympic Plaza top-notch DJs such as Canadian superstar Kid Koala will treat the masses to complimentary musical entertainment amidst a carnival-like atmosphere of ice and fire. Now meet your guide to an evening of hot cocoa and even hotter beats — emcee extraordinaire Ms. Erica Dee.

“I’ve worked with a lot of those people in the past and know An-ten-nae personally” says the 25-year-old Dee. “I guess you could say we all roll with the same crew. They hired me as the host for the whole show and told me to just be me. And that’s what I’ll be giving them — the crazy dynamic artist that I am.”

A multi-talented dynamo who’s attended raves for over a decade the Boston-born and Canadian-raised Dee is a singer and DJ with a reputation for instantly engaging her audience via spontaneous vocal outbursts and booty shaking antics.

“Living in Nelson B.C. I’ve been involved with rave and electronic music since I was 12. Over the years I’ve done the hip-hop showcase at Shambhala and it gets pretty ridiculous. I see footage of myself after the fact and I can see how I get caught up in the moment. I love to connect with the crowd and share the good vibrations. You can tell by the response that people are craving to have a little more old school feeling of hearing real music. I want to fuse electronic music and futuristic gospel music together into my own uplifting and positive genre.”

A benchmark in Dee’s formative development as an artist her mixtape-spirited CD Golden is available for free download via her website. A step she considered necessary in working towards the completion of her first body of “original” material Golden reflects her love of hip-hop soul acid funk and electronic music. Providing a unique human touch that effortlessly unites these assorted musical tributaries the irrepressible Dee is a cunning mistress of both traditional vocal techniques and modern turntable technology.

“I’ve always said that the backbone of my sound is soul and hip-hop” she says. “Lately I have been taking my songwriting to the next level by incorporating aspects of bass music along with other more universal pop styles. I think the scene in general needs a live element to bring warmth and tonality to the performance. Otherwise people wind up leaving and feeling empty after the show. Believe me when you’re immersed in a heavy dub set with a whomping bass line as soon as a female vocal comes in you realize just how badly it was needed.”

This year should be a blast for the young MC as she looks forward to hip-hopping from continent to continent in pursuit of the perfect groove and releasing an album that does justice to her platinum sparkle.

“I feel that as a vocalist MC and DJ I’ve been battling for every chance I’ve gotten. I’m a live singer — just give me my own mic and I’ll do what I do. It’s not rocket science. It’s taken a lot of courage and dedication for me to break through negative stereotypes. I like to surprise people when I’m on stage. I’ll meet your expectations and then I’ll add gangster jazzy and soulful on top. I break all the rules.”