ArtaWEARness this weekend

This year ArtaWEARness is going back to its roots. Founded 12 years ago as a student initiative with additional support by professor Dee Fontans the event had been the responsibility of the ACAD Student’s Association but due to budget concerns it was initially dropped for 2012.

Thanks to a small group of determined students though it has been revived. There are now several coordinators working together focusing on creating new learning opportunities for students.

An extravagant event combining fashion art and performance ArtaWEARness gives the best of all three worlds according to one of its coordinators Breanne Avender.

“It’s going to make you think. It’s going to make you open your eyes to what art can be and how fashion is art through using the body as a canvas — that’s an unusual concept for a lot of people” she says.

The show will range from the political and conceptual touching on serious topics to fashion that breaks all boundaries – reflecting the passions of each artist.

The role of the students in the event has in some ways been revitalized by its separation from the ACAD SA.

Starting at zero was pretty difficult but we pulled a good team together” says Avender. “We started doing a lot of fund-raising throughout the school smaller things cupcake sales… ACAD were able to give us a bit of money which was greatly appreciated.”

The first of three ArtaWEARness events scheduled for this year take place this weekend — February 10 and 11 at the Orpheus Theatre on the SAIT campus. For more info visit ArtaWEARness.com .