Calgary 2012 has just announced over $800 000 worth of investment into the local arts culture and heritage communities this morning.

It’s the first of several cultural cash infusions that will be announced over the course of the year.

This time around $425000 goes to 75 individual artists and arts organization as part of the 2012-Projects grants program. An additional $393000 will be awarded to 24 organizations through the Connecting Calgary program.

The aim of Connecting Calgary is to further artistic interactions between Calgary and the rest of the world — i.e. bringing high-profile projects to city while exporting work created here —while 2012-Projects focuses on awarding grants to individuals and organizations in the arts and culture sectors that are working on projects starting within the “Cultural Capital Year” — April 1 2012 to March 31 2013.

The next slate of investments will be announced in April.