Patti Hagel professional clown and owner of Crazy Capers Entertainment

S o you’re the Easter bunny?

Yeah I have the Easter bunny and I also do a lot of adult gags for 40th and 50th birthdays. It’s a costume where my face shows and I put makeup on my face. I’m an entertainer and I do kids parties like stories tricks and magic but I also do other characters as well.

How long have you been doing this?

Oh gosh I’ve been doing this for 18 years now.

Is it getting busier for you with Easter coming up?

It kind of goes in droves. Right now I’ve got two shows booked for April.

What’s your Easter show like?

I have a show with stories tricks balloon animals Easter songs magic and tricks.


Oh you know “I am a bunny with a bushy tail” little bunny songs and stuff like that.

So do you just do the Easter-themed show?

I have a really good Halloween show I have a really good birthday show I have a really good Christmas show — they’re all different. I should tell you more about the adult gigs because there’s a lot to that. I dress up like a bag lady an ex-girlfriend a pregnant ex-girlfriend nerdy girlfriend cupid and now I have a new costume a goofy golfer. I haven’t really marketed it at all yet but if somebody has a birthday and they’re a golfer I can go out in that costume and play a prank on them like pretend to be a tee time instructor and teach them how to play golf. It’s fun I do a lot of my own stuff. I look up things and ideas and I make up my own skits.

So this must be a full-time gig?

No I have three part-time jobs. I have other clowns work for me as well. When we have an event that requires face painters I bring someone in because I don’t face paint. I hire them out to come with me and stuff like that. I have lots of associates and stuff in the business. It’s fun but sometimes it can be very busy.

What else do you do?

I work in a school as a teachers’ assistant and I also work as a host for the Calgary Learning Village.

What can an interested party expect to pay for an hour of the Easter bunny’s time?

Usually $125 per hour but discount rates for over an hour. I’m doing a club for Easter for only $95 per hour I prorate.

How did this idea come about?

Oh this is interesting. I’ve always been a jokester and a prankster all my life. My girlfriend told me years ago that I should be a clown so I looked into it and I did some research and made up my own shows and I joined an actual clown alley in Calgary.

Really? What’s that like?

Oh it’s great we meet once a month. They teach you different things like how to make balloons or makeup or anything to improve your clowning costuming and everything. And then there’s the clown conventions in Calgary.

Where can people go to find out more about your services?