Black Dice – Mr. Impossible

Ribbon Music

Growing up hearing Black Dice transform from a squealing hardcore group into an avant-rave act sounds like it would leave a person uninterested and bored but it has done the exact opposite. The squealing just takes a different form — in synths pedals and distorted vocals. Mr. Impossible is no different from the last few wonky releases and this isn’t a bad thing. Some of the beats on this record are so goofy I don’t know whether to dance or just chill out with a root beer float and have some laughs. The cartoonish repetitive groove on “Pigs” will either put you into some sort of trance or have you dancing around like a complete fool. The record whirrs and wonks its way through a dazzling mess of tripped-out grooves.

Some of the sounds may just be a locked burp groove and some slimy ghoulish keyboard jams but they will keep you wanting more of the slop. Pile it on!