Soul-Junk – 1961

Sounds Familyre

Glen Galaxy has run the gamut of styles throughout his time in Soul-Junk. Soul-Junk began stylistically as the unabashed Christian offshoot of noisy cult favourites Trumans Water but later delved into hip-hop and fractured jazz experiments. Interestingly 1961 (the 11th full-length as Soul-Junk) sees him returning closer to the noisy indie rock of Trumans Water. Soul-Junk has never been an immediately easy listen what with the atonal riffage and monotone shouts. Although tracks such as ”Soupmog” find Galaxy really upping his songwriting game penning songs that could be immediately likable beyond the collections of art trash diggers. “Uranusunaru” could almost be called a toe-tapper if you’re able to give it the time.

The thing that ultimately makes Soul-Junk interesting is Galaxy’s complete unapologetic Christianity. On previous Soul-Junk recordings Galaxy had been working on turning most Psalms into fractured art-skronk. Here there are “Oh Lord”s and “God’s Word”s abundant — singing about God outside of the safety of a church setting comes across as pretty brave. No one’s really doing this (save for the rest of Daniel Smith’s Sounds Familyre roster) and that in and of itself makes it worthy of a listen. It’s strange stuff to be sure. But also curious and fun. If only all worship bands sounded like this.