Really really ridiculously good looking

Zac Efron has made a career as a pretty boy

Zac Efron’s not someone I think merits much deep analysis. Really he’s just an exceptionally good-looking young man who was in a hit TV movie when he was a teen and has managed to curtail that success into a decent if underwhelming career playing good-looking young men in Hollywood movies.

It’s unlikely that he’ll be around 10 years from now but he still deserves some credit for navigating the tricky waters of young adult stardom and emerging as more than just a teen idol.

Who cares if he never wins an Oscar? The guy went to the gym got jacked and against all odds managed to get cast in films where he’s playing a pretty ex-marine instead of the pretty star of an amateur high school theatre troupe.

It’s not much but it’s something.

And besides I’m pretty sure he’s only in this whole acting business for the girls.

Unlike most of his early-20s Hollywood contemporaries Efron seems to have reached a level of contented self-realization and has completely stopped pretending not to be a bit of a douchebag. He’s Zac Efron and he has sex with a ton of ridiculously beautiful women and yes he knows it’s awesome.

Just last week in an interview he revealed that he knows a trick to get a girl’s bra off in world-record time. Robert Pattinson doesn’t know that trick. Taylor Lautner might know it but he definitely can’t pull it off. The guys from The Hunger Games ? They didn’t even know that they didn’t know it.

With the release this week of The Lucky One Efron looks like he’ll be confirming his number 1 lady-killer status. Starring in a Nicholas Spark movie was Ryan Gosling’s first step towards sex-god status. And while Channing Tatum had won the hearts and minds of the American populace years ago with his multidisciplinary dance tour-de-force in Step Up his role in The Vow certainly didn’t hurt his playboy status.

I’m not suggesting Efron possesses the thespian range to rival Gosling and I would never ever suggest he could hang with Step Up pers but the guy dropped a condom on the red carpet at the première of The Lorax . If you’re trying to get laid at a Dr. Seuss movie it’s pretty obvious what you’re up to. And all I’m saying is starring in a Nicholas Sparks movie isn’t a bad way to secure your sexy-man credentials.

The Lucky One is about a marine who is minding his own business and digging through some good old war-zone rubble when a bomb goes off and kills all his marine buddies. Once he’s discharged he goes looking for the girl in a photo he found in the rubble he was digging through and has sex with her. In the trailer a kid offers him jambalaya. Kids these days and their Cajun food man. It’s out of control.

The sex is pretty prominent in the trailer — there’s even a gratuitous butt grab — and I gotta say Efron’s looking pretty fit. He couldn’t be an Expendable or anything but if I was a young lady and he showed up at my door with a rubble-photo and the promise of lightning-quick bra-removal I think I’d probably give him a go.

To conclude I think this movie is going to help Zac Efron sleep with more women.

On a completely different note this week’s other new release is Chimpanzee and it’s about one seriously badass baby ape. This guy doesn’t have James Franco teaching him how to use a fork or anything like that though he’s just a normal baby ape with dreams of one day making it as a chimpanzee. He doesn’t even have an ape mom or nothing so he’s got to go about his business and find bananas on his own. I don’t think he leads an ape revolution on the Golden Gate Bridge but I could be wrong.

What I do know is that he’s cute as a button. And as Zac Efron’s proven sometimes that’s all it takes. Good luck ape I’m rooting for you.