Tyvek – Mutant Love

Doubles Tapes

In mythic Detroit you can buy a house for $120 and multiple stab wounds as long as you can stand American manufacturing rotting at the end of your block. Tyvek is an alternative to working minimum wage in a vest with someone else’s name and stains but not a proactive solution.

Same as any of their records Mutant Love is a snotty fun mirror of subprime U.S.A. celebrating collapse on guitars indebted to the Desperate Bicycles 30 years later.

The mess sprawls through the tape rushing back and forth between menial jobs. Can’t afford a babysitter? The neighbour kid has stolen enough so the kids stare at TV all day. They know they’re growing up in the best country in the world and they’ll keep making the same mistakes till everyone else is convinced.

The juvenile pop sabotage is infectious it gets in sores so they won’t heal. If you can’t afford to ask a doctor if antibiotics would work it gets passed on to friends. By the end of the month the neighbourhood is quarantined and you’re afraid to leave your basement.

Even damaged and sick does guitar pop belong in this century? Those thousands with underwater mortgages are their kids making tapes?