Weekly Leaks April 20

Illustration by Tom Bagley

In celebration of international jazz cigarette day here is a collection of my favourite Sublime songs. Just kidding I don’t have any favourite Sublime songs. Because they’re ALL my favourite! Just kidding again… Sublime is the worst band.

What I’m getting at is that the Weekly Leaks hiatus is over. Here’s some new music that’s worth checking out.

Death Grips The Money Store / "I’ve Seen Footage" video

For me one of my most anticipated releases of the spring has been the debut full-length from ballsy experimental rap trio Death Grips. The Sacramento group which includes Hella drummer Zach Hill will drop The Money Store on April 24 via Epic but you can stream the whole thing below. As a bonus check out the video for their addictive single "I’ve Seen Footage."

Cam’ron featuring Vado and Rod Raspy "Higher Baby"

Aside from apparently suggesting that I don’t like anything my High Five column this week also pointed to an exciting project from Dipset hero Cam’ron who plans to release a song a day for the next 30 days via Twitter. They’ve been a little hit and miss so far as could be expected but the latest is perfect for 4/20. Check out the weed anthem "Higher Baby" below.

Mares of Thrace The Pilgrimage

Local metal mavens Mares of Thrace are rising stars thanks to a big-time deal with Sonic Unyon and a highly anticipated new album. Their new release is called The Pilgrimage and is set to drop next week but the whole album is streaming online now. Check it out here .

Black Breath "Home of the Grave"

Continuing that metal tip crazy heavy Seattle metal dudes Black Breath recently dropped their sophomore banger Sentenced to Life . Now there’s a visual for the track "Home of the Grave." I’m not gonna lie it’s pretty corny to watch a bunch of tough guy beardos play metal in front of a green screen particularly when they’re offering a literal interpretation of the song’s title but the riffs are so heavy that it doesn’t really matter.

A$AP Rocky "Goldie"

Did you really think that was all the rap I’d be posting in this column? Of course not. A$AP Rocky is back with the debut single from his forthcoming debut album. The track is called "Goldie" and it was produced by Hit-Boy who is best known for the hyperactive beat on "Niggas in Paris." This song probably won’t having you freak out as much as that one did but it’s still a very solid A$AP offering that suggests great things to come.

Metz "Pig" (Sparklehorse cover)

Of course the big thing on nerds’ minds this week is Record Store Day and I’m not even going to listen to Mastodon covering Feist or vice versa. But there is a cool release on the way from Toronto noise rockers Metz who decided to take on Sparklehorse’s "Pig." It definitely sounds more like a poppy Jesus Lizard than Mark Linkous and co. but that’s a very good thing. Check it out below.