CFCF – Exercises

Paper Bag

For whatever reason Michael Silver’s CFCF project has been best served in small doses. Despite the Montreal producer’s 2009 full-length Continent being a hit-and-miss offering his EPs have been nothing but solid and this continues to apply with his latest Exercises . As Silver is apt to do he once again wears a new set of influences on his sleeve this time most noticeably the neo-classical and ambient works of Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Borden. Much like the pioneering electronic composers before him Silver takes a minimalist approach here offering uncluttered instrumentals mainly made up of cascading piano lines exotic Eastern-tinged samples and beautifully melodic synth swells. The only composition that breaks from this sombre yet moving approach is the EP’s sole vocal track “Exercise #5 (September)” a dubstep-inflected rework of David Sylvian’s classic Secrets of the Beehive opener. Still the record is a focused one and “mini-album” or not Exercises delivers some of the finest thinking man’s electronic music to come from this side of the border so far this year. Now if only CFCF could do this for a full album….