Disgusting waste of time or gross-out masterpiece?

Debating Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

T im and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is its own beast a feature-length film that almost entirely abandons the format of Heidecker and Wareheim’s beloved Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Regular guest stars are still here but as different characters and the cable access format of the show is almost entirely gone. Because you’ll either love it or hate it here are two perspectives on the film.

Josiah Hughes : Before we get into the Billion Dollar Movie let’s talk Tim and Eric. I’m a huge fan of their work from their more obscure online videos to Awesome Show itself. I have had many-a Tim and Eric marathon for better or worse and I love basically everything they’ve done. What about you?

Jeremy Curry : I consider myself a pretty big fan of Tim and Eric. I have all of the seasons of the TV show on DVD and I know most of the songs off by heart. Especially “Petite Feet” and “Rolo Tony Brown Town.” I got into Tim and Eric by watching their previous show Tom Goes to the Mayor . Ever since I have been a fan of their work. I love the absurd sense of humour and the disgusting jokes. The Steve Brule character is one of my all-time favourite comedy characters.

JH : I can see why fans of the show would be disappointed by the movie as it wasn’t at all what I expected. Instead of living in that same world and working with the same themes and jokes this follows one admittedly shitty narrative. I was shocked that they didn’t even include Cinco products. What were you expecting?

JC : I think I was expecting it to be more of the same format as the show. Using the same characters like David Liebe Hart. Those puppets he has are so disturbing. It would be amazing to see his creepy cat puppet on the big screen. I also wanted to see Steve Brule. Instead John C. Reilly played this disgusting character named Tequito who wasn’t that funny. He was just kind of pathetic. Steve Brule is dumb but at least his buffoonery is always endearing. Tim and Eric also played total assholes in the movie which I don’t really like to see.

JH : I agree that John C. Reilly’s performance was disappointing but I think it would have been too easy of a choice to include Steve Brule. I also really like that they were assholes in the movie. It’s no secret that Tim and Eric are working along the same comedic lines as Neil Hamburger which is all about drawing things out forever and inducing cringes. They appear to want to test the audience’s patience more than anything else. With that in mind I like that there was nothing redeemable about their characters at all and that the plot is so wonderfully stupid. It feels like they’re trolling everyone with this movie.

JC : When I watch a comedy film it usually has some sort of heart to it. I am a big fan of Judd Apatow comedies because although they have loads of gross jokes there is a serious plot unfolding as it’s all going on. With the Billion Dollar Movie there was one shot at having a bit of a romantic side to things but they just made that disgusting as well. It was gag after gag and by the end of the film I thought I was desensitized to any shocking thing in the world. It was very tiresome.

JH : I agree — it was exhaustingly heartless after a while. But I think I would have been more disappointed if they tried to add some sort of conscience or moral to the film. Tim and Eric are not good at sincerity. They’re better at modern Freddy Got Fingered -style gross-outs. Was there anything you liked about this movie?

JC : Jeff Goldblum’s cameo in anything is always a treat so that was nice. Also Will Ferrell. The weird New Age church “Shrim” scene was pretty gross but I admit I was laughing (and cringing) during that whole thing. The way Tim and Eric looked at the beginning of the movie was fantastic I must admit. They always go the extra mile when they are trying to look like complete douchebags. I don’t think I could show this movie to other people in my family because they would think I am a completely twisted individual with mental problems.

JH : Regardless of what you think of the film though you have to admit that it’s a must-see for anyone with even the slightest interest in Tim and Eric’s work. Do you have any desire to watch it again?

JC : I actually do but only if I was extremely inebriated. Stinkin’ drunk.