Eric Skilling and Rachelle Ymay Skilling hosts of Tip Tap Tip podcast

I would say thanks for agreeing to do this but you seemed pretty keen on doing it.

Eric: Yeah I know. I’m surprised that I actually pulled it off more than anything. How many times do I retweet or like something on Facebook before I sort of push the tolerance and have the door shut on my face?

You’re the first person to ever make a video appealing to us to be in Your Face Here.

Yeah I had an active campaign going on.

What inspired this rabid desire?

We had actually talked about it a couple of years ago in one of our earlier episodes. I think it was episode 90 or something. I had a desire to see if we could get ourselves in here within a year or so and then I’d forgotten about it. Then for some reason it popped into my head again. I decided to see if there were other ways that I could do it. I’ve been experimenting with video on Facebook and knew that had a little more distance and I could take a clip from our show that’s what that was it was an excerpt from one of our shows and add some images to it and see how the reaction would be.

Tell me about your podcast what is Tip Tap Tip ?

It’s a podcast that myself and my wife Rachel have been doing since 2008. We touch on interesting and odd news items as well as sort of the goings on in our day-to-day lives. We’ve had over 300 episodes we just passed that milestone a couple of weeks ago. It’s just sort of our interesting take on what’s going on in the world today. It’s difficult to describe because we do put a lot of ourselves into it so it’s not like we can say we’re a video game podcast or a news podcast or something like that. We offer our take on the goings on and the sort of weird news items that we find during the period of time between episodes.

How often do you put it out?

Twice a week. It’s an hour-long show. We chug it out which is surprising. I’m surprised that we manage to keep it up.

Did you think you were going to keep it going this long when you started?

It sort of plays into my obsessive-compulsive nature. Unless I really dislike something I’ll keep on doing it. We really enjoy doing the show and if Rachel wasn’t up for doing it as well then this show wouldn’t be going. I’m very lucky to have a co-host and wife who I’ve managed to get to do the show twice a week for about an hour. When I was first thinking of doing this show I was thinking about friends having them as co-hosts but Rachelle and I have such a good rapport and we bounce off each other. It just made a lot more sense andn I think the show is a lot better because of that.

Do you just do this in your living room?

Yeah we have a sort of mini studio that I put together. The show’s recorded on a Macbook but then we have a mixer two mics for ourselves and two mics for guests headphone amps. We basically record it live to tape. There are no edits in the show so anytime you hear a clip in the show that’s me on the Macbook hitting the spacebar to cue the Quicktime clip to make it play. That’s why we can kind of pause it and react to it immediately.

Have you ever had any spectacular blunders?

Oh yeah. There’s been times where I’ve had to bleep out a name after the fact. Rachel had mentioned that it’s probably better to bleep something out but I try to minimize that.

Is there an end goal?

Obviously we want to increase the size of our audience. It’s nice to hear from people who enjoy our show who we’ve never met who have no connection to anybody that we know. That’s a pretty good part of it. Obviously if we can cover our costs that would be pretty ideal too. I think just getting more exposure for ourselves and even I guess to a greater extent to podcasting as a medium.