Mohn is the duo of prolific electronic artist Wolfgang Voigt and producer Jörg Burger. It’s a damn good thing these two got together to make one of the most intense haunting soul-sucking electronic albums released this year. “Schwarzer Swan” has an eerie Phantom of the Opera feel with operatic vocals seeping through ice-cold beats and cool spiritual howls. The ghostly aura surrounds the whole album straying from the cheesy beats a lot of ambient artists get away with.

“Saturn” is a more spaced-out groove pushing a single synth jam into the outer limits. The simplicity of the track may throw off some but it becomes more trance inducing as the track progresses. Throw on your space suit for this one and float on. “Das Feld” is similar in the minimal outer space vein but sounds more like an electronic robo rainstorm than anything else.

The album is a desolate slow-burner which isn’t a bad thing. I’ve never been to the Burning Man festival but I imagine if it were going at a speed 300 times slower than normal this album would fit perfectly as the soundtrack.