Screen Grabs May 9

Hey guys welcome to Screen Grabs! This new film column is dedicated to the best trailers that have surfaced each week upcoming news releases and other fun stuff. It’s just like Weekly Leaks but focused on movies instead of music. Roll ‘em!

Moonrise Kingdom

Ramping up excitement for Wes Anderson’s latest film hitting theatres this month Focus Features has released a short behind the scenes clip. Cast members Bill Murray Bruce Willis Tilda Swinton Jason Schwartzman and Edward Norton all gush over working with the director while scenes of the boy scout troop on an island in 1965 make it look every bit as charming and whimsical as you would guess. Watch it below.

God Bless America

Cracked-voice comedian Bobcat Goldthwait has been making the news recently with his latest writing-directing effort. The blacker than black comedy follows the breakdown of a man (Ex- Mad Men alum and Bill Murray’s brother Joel Murray) following the discovery of a brain tumor and an overload of reality TV. After embarking on a kill mission he teams up with a 16-year-old named Roxy (Tara Lynne Barr) who may be even sicker than he is. If you missed it at CUFF the movie is available on iTunes this Friday.

Dark Horse

Todd Solondz has developed an equally twisted reputation for his films such as Welcome To The Dollhouse Storytelling and especially the shudder-inducing Happiness . His upcoming feature Dark Horse may look like a Judd Apatow rom-com on the surface with its stacked cast of Selma Blair Christopher Walken Mia Farrow and Boardwalk Empire ’s Jordan Gelber but you can guarantee it’ll still have its fair share of uncomfortable moments. It opens this June so check out the trailer.

The Watch

On a lighter note (sort of) the new red band clip for The Watch is pretty ridiculous. The alien invasion comedy stars Jonah Hill Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn and Britain’s Richard Ayoade as a group of suburban dads protecting their families by any means necessary. Early advertising and its original title Neighborhood Watch were both pulled after the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin but those associations don’t need to be made. With a screenplay from Superbad ’s Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg you should know what to expect.

La Haine

Gritty 1995 gangster flick La Haine got a new Blu-ray reissue from the cinephiles at Criterion this week. The black and white shoot ‘em up from French director Mathieu Kassovitz (who you may also recognize as an actor from Amélie ) stars a young Vincent Kassel in a racially-charged showdown with the police over 24 hours. The restored HD transfer and fresh selection of bonus features make it look more badass than ever. Check out Criterion’s promo clip.

Killer Joe

William Friedkin could be considered Hollywood royalty just for directing 1970s classics The French Connection and The Exorcist but he’s continued working for the past 40 years on both movies and TV. After premiering at SXSW 2012 his hitman thriller Killer Joe has been getting some buzz for landing a rare NC-17 rating. Amidst the overload of violence and a notorious scene involving fried chicken the lead roles from Emile Hirsch and Matthew McConaughey should deliver some serious twists. Here’s the trailer.

The Dictator

After backing Mitt Romney and spilling Kim Jong-il’s ashes on Ryan Seacrest Sacha Baron Cohen continues trolling America in the lead-up to his new comedy hitting screens next week. The red band trailer pushes things even further past the edge of good taste with 9/11 jokes pregnant woman fisting and an amazing shot of a trash can thrown at a taxi. I’m mostly just excited to see one of my favourite comedians Jason Mantzoukas in all of his giant bearded glory. Get your controversy right here.