Atom tm – Winterreise

Raster Noton

The latest from Uwe Schmidt is a bit of a switch from the music he makes under the Atom TM moniker. Not a complete switch but this album flows and is less cartoonish than his previous releases. The bouncy tones are still prevalent but less upbeat and grating. “Streuung Teil i” has a continuous whirring that makes the heart skip a beat. The discovery of new sound is a wonderful thing and it’s a near constant experience on this album. Although listeners may be perplexed by this album the tones alone are such a treat it shouldn’t matter if you’re an electronic music newbie.

That said this release isn’t for everyone. It does test the listener’s patience and can get into the minimal zone for minutes at a time. The album doesn’t focus on “beats” or “grooves” but moseys along at an unstable pace. It’s a fantastic piece of sound art but if it were thrown on at a party it would be like telling everybody in the room to work on their math homework.