Ty Segall & White Fence – Hair

Drag City

There’s no question Ty Segall and Tim Presley are some insanely busy dudes. While part-time Strange Boy/Dark My Love member Presley has already readied a pair of 2012 records with his White Fence project Segall has been hard at work being well Ty Segall blasting out record after record of psych-soaked garage punk. Yet the two songwriters still found time to team up for Hair a brief 30-minute album that finds the duo sounding more like one collective voice than two contrasting rock ’n’ roll personalities. For better or worse Segall and Presley are all about their influences on this one taking up a brand of fuzz pop that screams — if not directly cops — ’60s psychedelia. Repeatedly you get hat tips to rock gods of old like George Harrison Marc Bolan and even Donovan whose “Hurdy Gurdy Man” becomes the template for Hair ’s “The Black Glove/Rag.” Still this retro-rockin’ brodown will undoubtedly stoke Segall’s and Presley’s ever-growing fan bases even if these guys sound like they spent maybe a little too much time with some cool uncle’s record collection.