Screen Grabs May 16

As the cinematic world converges on the Cannes film fest this weekend trailers have begun popping up from all around the globe. This edition of Screen Grabs includes a few of the Cannes standouts but don’t worry there’s also space for sci-fi Canadiana Norwegian sex comedy and last but not least claymation cats.


One of the big stories about Cannes this year is that David Cronenberg will be joined by his chip-off-the-ol’-block son Brandon who is showcasing his own directorial debut Antiviral . That creepy tale of a medic who sells celebrity viruses to fans sounds super cool but what’s even more exciting is Cronenberg Sr. adapting the Don DeLillo novel Cosmopolis. Yes it stars Robert “ Twilight ” Pattinson as the young billionaire losing his shit but he’s joined by the stacked cast of Paul Giamati Juliette Binoche Samantha Morton and Jay Baruchel. Check it out.

The We and the I

People may have forgotten that goofball surrealist Michel Gondry directed The Green Hornet so it’s a promising sign that the French filmmaker has returned to more personal territory with The We and the I. Set on a bus on the last day of school for a class of inner-city kids it looks to walk the fine line between tender and funny that he’s mined so successfully in the past. What sounds even more interesting is his next film Mood Indigo which tosses Audrey Tatou into a fantastic world of bizarre-o cars made-up musical instruments and flowers growing inside bodies.


Master-of-the-uncomfortable Michael Haneke comes back to Cannes for the first time since his brilliant black and white creeper The White Ribbon won the Palme d’Or in 2009. Unfortunately the trailer for his new French-language feature Amour has been released without subtitles but you can still get a sense of the tension searing underneath the surface. Actress Isabelle Huppert previously worked with Haneke on The Piano Teacher and if you’ve seen that skin-crawler you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Earlier this year Vancouver beard-rockers Black Mountain recorded the soundtrack for post-apocalyptic surf movie Year Zero . As it turns out the band’s synth player Jeremy Schmidt (a.k.a. Sinoia Caves) also landed a score of his own for the fittingly tripped out sci-fi feature Beyond The Black Rainbow. The writing-directing debut of B.C.’s Panos Cosmatos lifts off from the tradition of Alejandro Jodorowsky with a hallucinogenic midnight movie aesthetic to tell the tale of a woman held captive in an experimental clinic.

Turn Me On Goddammit!

Most adolescent sex comedies seem to favour the perspective of a pervy teenage boy so it’s refreshing to see this Norwegian film flipping the script. Bored with small town life 16-year-old Alma spends her days racking up phone-sex bills and fantasizing about the cool guy at school. Yet when word of her libido leaks out to classmates Alma is shunned as an outcast. Skip the millionth unnecessary American Pie sequel and see this instead.

The Do-Deca Pentathalon

Brotherly duo Jay and Mark Duplass continue to bring the low-key “mumblecore” movement to big screens following previous films like Baghead Cyrus and Jeff Who Lives At Home. Their new comedy may be the most autobiographical yet with the tale of two bros who secretly compete in a homemade Olympics fueled by a family rivalry that dates back decades. Anyone with siblings can relate to that.

Claycat’s The Raid

The unrelenting action of Indonesian beat ‘em up The Raid: Redemption offers some of the most fun you can have in a theatre this year. Now Lee Hardcastle the twisted mind behind claymation tributes to The Thing Eraserhead and The Life Aquatic has put his own spin on The Raid as well. These tough kitties could take on Wallace and Gromit or Team America: World Police any day.