Canine questionnaire

City wants to know how many dogs is too many

Under the apparent assumption that bylaw officers don’t have enough to do the City of Calgary wants to know how many dogs you think a single person should be able to take to Calgary’s off-leash areas at any given time.

A questionnaire asking just that is available until the end of May at calgary.ca/animalservices.

Bill Bruce director of Animal and Bylaw Services says in a press release the results of the survey may be used to limit the number of dogs allowed per person in off-leash parks. Currently there is no limit. Some of the concerns with bringing a large number of dogs to parks include dog waste not being cleaned up difficulty in controlling multiple dogs and that a group of dogs may develop a pack mentality and become aggressive.

The city is reviewing other aspects of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw including the possibility of creating new off-leash areas.