Goings On – week of May 17 2012

The weekend’s furthest reaching attraction is most likely the second annual Shakeout Festival a multi-venue event showcasing a whole bunch of dirty garage bands with some pop punk and indie rock sprinkled in for good measure.

The event which actually started on Wednesday May 16 will see countless groups playing at venues like Broken City Vicious Circle the Palomino and the Drum & Monkey until Sunday May 20. There’s more than we can really list here but I recommend you go out of your way to check out Vancouver baseball-themed pop-punk group the Isotopes and local growlers Sissys .

If you’re one of those poor under-age people looking for a good time there’s a decent all-ages happening hitting our neighbours at The Area on Friday May 18 as previous Fast Forward Weekly cover star Jean Sebastien Audet hits the stage with The You Are Minez Man Legs Trash Island and Gretchen so that’s plenty of entertainment for your young sober minds to take in.

If that all sounds a little too child-like for you there’s a show hitting Cantos on Friday May 18 that will appeal to those who love weirdo ambient spa music. Italian composer Nicola Ratti will bring his musique concrete explorations and he’ll be joined by Edmonton’s Mark Templeton and locals Beneath These Idle Tides and Valiska the latter of which is one of the most promising new acts in the city. Read about Ratti and Templeton in this very issue of Fast Forward Weekly and then prepare to use the word “soundscape” over and over again on Saturday.

A calm low-key performance at an all-ages community spot is almost the exact opposite of what will happen at The Den on Saturday May 19 as metalheads will surely slam back some beers in agreement with the hard-hitting riffs of The Black Dahlia Murder Exhumed and Fuck the Facts .

For a very different (and arguably much better) brand of metal check spiritmob.blogspot.com for the location of an epic house show on the same night. Members of Vancouver’s Unlearn and Sick Charade have teamed up for the murderous sounds of Systematik and they’ll be joined by local thrashers Savage Streets alongside straight-edge hardcore group The Chain and mostly not-at-all straight-edge antiheroes Flaccid .

Mondays suck but The Blues Can is trying to change that with a new series of shows helmed by MTT Fest organizer Benson Simirski. This week Edmonton pop creeps Brazilian Money will bring their double drumkit attack and they’ll be joined by experimental Stalwart Sons side project The Cable-knits .

Then on Tuesday May 22 it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for ever since you first heard Justin Vernon’s warble — Bon Iver will be in town to perform the Grammy-winning indie rock of their self-titled album. I can only imagine the kind of tearful singalong that will fill Mac Hall when the band finally plays “Calgary.” I say that because there’s no way in hell I’m going to this show.