High Five – week of May 17 2012


Earlier this month Father John Misty released his Sub Pop debut Fear Fun . The project of former Fleet Foxes member Josh Tillman the album was met with mixed reviews. Pitchfork gave the record a decent 7.3 rating with the gentle critique that it “sounds a bit too composed and too contained” and that “the arrangements entertain a rhythmic stiffness that sticks strictly to the beat without any syncopation to suggest the messy experiences Tillman’s lyrics evoke.” This small section of an otherwise very positive review was enough for the artist to feel sorry for himself publicly via Twitter calling reviewer Stephen M. Deusner a “legitimate drug addict” and saying “Guess this means I don’t get to come play your annual Bleep-Bloop Music and Nerdy Contrarian Hip Hop fan conference.” We’re truly living in a dark age of entitlement when a generally positive review is met with this much resistance.


Though he’s been serving an eight-year prison sentence for drug charges since last year Lil Boosie was potentially facing life in prison or even the death sentence due to a first-degree murder charge. Last week however the Baton Rouge rapper was found not guilty of the latter after a controversial court case where the prosecution attempted to use Boosie’s violent lyrics against him in court. Ultimately this is most likely why the charges were dropped. While he won’t be facing the murder sentence Boosie still isn’t in the clear on his drug charges so you don’t need to throw out your “Free Boosie” T-shirt just yet.


Last week right after our print deadline the news was revealed that Against Me! frontman Tom Gabel has come out as transgender. The artist will undergo hormone treatments and electrolysis in order to eventually start living as a woman named Laura Jane Grace. Speaking with Rolling Stone Gabel said “I’m going to have embarrassing moments and that won’t be fun. But that’s part of what talking to you is about — is hoping people will understand and hoping they’ll be fairly kind.” So far people have been kind including the pop-punk peanut gallery of Twitter personality JadedPunkHulk and web comic artist Mitch Clem both who kept their jokes tasteful and respectful.


With Sled Island just over a month away we’re all a little nervous and very excited about the packed schedules and endless hangover that the fest always brings. As if the lineup wasn’t overwhelming already however it’s now been expanded with a few last-minute additions. One of the most exciting is Seattle hip-hop crew Shabazz Palaces. There’s also electronic dandy Daedelus psych-metal weirdoes Boris and a shit-ton of DJs to keep you even busier.


Once Sled Island is over the next thing on our summer checklist is the Calgary Folk Music Festival. The organizers have already confirmed a massive lineup but big headliner Sinead O’Connor pulled out when she cancelled her North American tour. Now she’s been replaced by singer-songwriter Gillian Welch and while some will surely be excited by her well-crafted alt-country I can all but guarantee she won’t be ripping up a picture of the Pope or shaving her head onstage.