Editions Mego

The latest release from the duo of drone master Stephen O’Malley and electronic composer Peter Rehberg is like stepping into a deep void and not knowing if you are ever going to come out. It’s a really dark experience best heard on large headphones. The first track “Phill 1” has some real gloom and doom drones constantly pushing their way through clicks and various wails. It’s a dream ambient soundtrack for a haunted mansion.

The pace is quite constant on this record. O’Malley brings the heavy drones in with guitar bass synthesizer computer and contact mics while Rehberg eases the drones with modular synthesizer and computer.

The most interesting track on the album is “Phill 2” which was orchestrated by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. It’s titanic classicism at its finest — like a castle burning in flames after a crushing defeat during battle. It is loud slow as molasses and of epic proportion.

If you want to give a kid nightmares the final track “Last Spring: A Prequel” will do the trick. The text is by Dennis Cooper and spoken by Vienne collaborator Jonathan Capdevielle. It is one of the more horrifying spoken word pieces since the last Sunn O))) album. This is one of the gloomiest albums ever made but excellent in every way.