Motion Sickness of Time Travel – s/t

Spectrum Spooks

Since launching the Motion Sickness of Time Travel project in 2009 Georgian synth explorer Rachel Evans has quickly become one of the U.S. electronic underground’s brightest and most promising stars thanks mainly to her pair of critically fawned-over LPs on the taste-making Digitalis imprint. It’s no big shocker then that Emeralds kingpin John Elliott has given Evans four sides of vinyl for her debut on his Spectrum Spools imprint; it’s also no surprise that she’s returned the favour by delivering what may be her finest piece of work yet. Made up of four side-long suites this self-titled release features some seriously complex — yet highly listenable — expeditions into outer-worldly synth wizardry ditching the hazy cover of her older recordings for grander busier compositions that reach into the cosmos and actually seem to get there. However with this shift away from more straight-laced drone pieces and towards more involved electronics Evans has put much less emphasis on her often floating ethereal vocals instead letting the ever-shifting buzz and hum of the morphing electronics lead the way. While this definitely takes away from the more “traditional” song elements you could find popping up on a Motion Sickness of Time Travel release there’s no question Evans has outdone herself on this one and so too has Spectrum Spools.

<a href="http://motionsicknessoftimetravel.bandcamp.com/album/motion-sickness-of-time-travel" mce_href="http://motionsicknessoftimetravel.bandcamp.com/album/motion-sickness-of-time-travel">Motion Sickness of Time Travel by Motion Sickness of Time Travel</a>