When it comes to your leading figures in modern minimal techno Pantha Du Prince (a.k.a. Hendrik Weber) is mighty high up there on the list. So when news broke that the German soundcrafter would be collaborating with Workshop member Stephan Abry on a new project called Ursprung more than a few beat-loving ears perked up in anticipation.

Like Weber’s 2010 Black Noise the duo’s debut full-length was recorded during several cold winter sessions in the Swiss Alps and in the best way possible the results sound very much like a Pantha Du Prince side-project. Embracing a love for lush ambient washes Durutti Column-styled guitars and more than a few Krautrock touchtones Ursprung are hardly aiming for the dancefloor but rather explore some seriously heady inner space making this record more akin to meditative American acts like Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never than Pantha’s peers over at Kompakt. That said Ursprung still manage to deliver some crushingly deep bass beats and head-scratching rhythms and when those pulse over the ambient-geared electro/acoustic arrangements which are beautifully crafted to say the least the album strangely comes to encapsulate the best elements of both the rising synth U.S. scene and the old Euro techno vanguard. Few side-project’s reach the greatness of their parent act but Ursprung have come stunningly close.