Dave Taylor isn’t sure about the Alberta Party

Dave Taylor the only person to sit as an Alberta Party MLA after crossing the floor from the Liberals isn’t so sure the Alberta Party should exist anymore and let it be known in a fairly dismissive blog post today (May 25).

The party is throwing a get together on May 26 in Edmonton called The Big Thank You and Taylor doesn’t see why he should care about it. Actually he sees no reason why he shouldn’t just piss on their parade (even if it is essentially a celebration of them not doing very well).

Taylor writes:

"From what I’m hearing through the grapevine the organizers want this shindig to be sunshine and lollipops rainbows and puppies. And from the agenda it appears there will be at least a little time set aside to talk about what worked and what didn’t in the election campaign.

"That’s fine as far as it goes I guess. But most importantly we need a good honest adult conversation about whether there is a place or a purpose for the Alberta Party in Alison Redford’s Alberta.Don’t get me wrong. I like the positive attitude reflected in the Alberta Party’s forward-looking values. It’s just that the Alberta Party’s values are now the Redford PC Government’s values. They stand for everything we stand for – and they’re in power. Who needs us?"

Taylor says that with Stelmach and his crew gone it’s time to consider folding the party or trying to find a way to dinstinguish the Alberta Party from Redford’s PCs.

"Even if there is a market for the Alberta Party we lack the hands-on political experience and expertise to convince moderate voters volunteers and donors to leave the PCs and back us" he writes. "Nor do we have a presence in the legislature to use as a platform on which to build."

Taylor suggests the party morph into a think-tank to help reinvent progressive politics in the same way the right-wing has done since the ’80s or really work on that whole differentiation thing. For some reason he compares the struggle for rejuvination to Apple’s comeback against Microsoft.

Regardless he’s calling for a frank and open discussion about the future of the party but don’t necessarily count on him showing up. He won’t be at The Big Thank You. "I have another commitment that’s taking me to Seattle so I cannot be there" he writes. "It’s probably just as well."

So. There you have it Alberta Party. Figure your shit out. Or whatever. Taylor don’t care.

You can and should read the whole post here .

With a nod to Colby Cosh (@colbycosh) for spotting Taylor’s post.