Weekly Leaks May 25

This week my personal hero Lil B released Choices and Flowers a release of “classical music” performed as The BasedGod. It’s absolutely amazing in how terrible it is. But for the first time since I’m Gay (I’m Happy) it’s not available for free. Instead you have to buy it on iTunes. So let’s forget about Lil B for a second (I know it’s so hard) and check out some other awesome tracks from the week:

Neil Young & Crazy Horse “God Save the Queen”

With Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Americana release coming up the group have released another grainy black and white video for the track “God Save the Queen.” If you like old footage of the monarchy you’ll be down with the video but it’s mostly a treat to hear the fuzzy guitars military drums and Neil singing with a choir.

No Joy “Junior”

Apparently this whole shoegaze revival is still going strong as evidenced by the continued success of Montreal’s No Joy. They weren’t particularly good when I saw them open for Best Coast last year but I might’ve just been grumpy because I was at a Best Coast show. Either way new track “Junior” is a shoegaze pop song with the prerequisite dreamy vocals and wall of guitars and it sound great.

Sorry Mazes

Local yelp-rock quartet Sorry have been jangling their way through various venues for a couple of months now and they’ve just completed their debut EP. It’s called Mazes and will be released on cassette soon. Half of it was produced by Sissys’ Darrell Hartsook with the other half handled by Mammoth Cave main man Paul Lawton meaning there are two distinctly different sounds spread across these eight tracks.

<a href="http://wearesorry.bandcamp.com/album/mazes" mce_href="http://wearesorry.bandcamp.com/album/mazes">Mazes by Sorry</a>

Sanctums “Did You See Me?”

Another local group is Sanctums who offer up a down-tempo brand of hip-hop spa music not unlike their buddy Babe Rainbow. The duo have just dropped a new track called “Did You See Me?” which is a perfect example of their sound for the uninitiated. Don’t be surprised when these guys start working with some big labels one day.

Jeremy Curry “Fallopian Tuba”

Regular Fast Forward Weekly record reviewer Jeremy Curry has spent a lot of time bored at home lately. Taking a break from the ‘80s amusement park screenplay he’s working on he busted out his synth and recorded a track called “Fallopian Tuba.” His bedroom tinkering resulted in a nice little slab of dark ambient music. Have a listen and pair it with a root beer float — I know he’d want it that way.

Oh No “3 Dollars” featuring DOOM

I’m pretty sure DOOM just spends his days polishing his metal mask now as he keeps promising new material and not delivering it. There’s no telling when his verse for “3 Dollars” was recorded but it sounds absolutely perfect when paired with Oh No’s busy beat making. Too bad it’s only 90 seconds long.

Quakers “Fitta Happier”

Keeping it in the Stones Throw realm for a second Quakers have dropped a video for “Fitta Happier” the amazing horn-heavy Radiohead tribute featuring MED and my personal favourite Guilty Simpson. The visuals are classy as shit as dudes in suits perform the song. It’s not the most stimulating to watch but it’s nice to listen to the track again.

50 Cent The Lost Tape

It’s easy to forget just how influential and talented 50 Cent is. For all his bullshit dude has dropped some amazing records. On The Lost Tape he’ll remind you just how good he is over some vintage soulful beats. Highly recommended.

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Gucci Mane I’m Up

Not gonna lie — I haven’t listened to this new Gucci Mane mixtape yet. But with a guestlist that includes 2 Chainz Rick Ross Lil Wayne Jim Jones Scarface and T.I. among others and production from Drumma Boy Mike Will and Lex Luger I can basically guarantee that it won’t be a waste of time to check it out.

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