Screen Grabs May 30

Alongside Michael Haneke winning his second Palme d’Or for Amour the biggest story following the Cannes film fest is the titles picked up for wide distribution. There are trailers for a few of those in this week’s column but don’t worry it’s not all hoity-toity art house fare. Scroll down for some clips from big budget blockbusters movie mash-ups comedians acting serious and more.


Outside of The Dark Knight Rises this summer’s most anticipated movie is probably Prometheus . Ridley Scott’s 3D sci-fi spectacle that may or may not be a prequel to Alien has been blowing minds in the first few reviews popping up but if you’re like me and have been avoiding all of the trailers teasers and featurettes so far for fear of spoilers there’s now one that simply shows off how cool the ship looks. The stacked cast of Michael Fassbender Noomi Rapace Guy Pearce Charlize Theron and Idris “Stringer Bell” Elba steer this one into win territory as well.

Holy Motors

Of all the films picked up for wide release after Cannes Holy Motors definitely looks the weirdest. North American viewers may recognize French director Leos Carax and actor Denis Lavant from their segment in Tokyo! (co-helmed by Michel Gondry and Bong-Joon Ho) but the casting of Kylie Minogue and Eva Mendes should turn heads as well. Early descriptions have labeled it a surrealist love letter to the silver screen with motion-capture fight scenes a naked leprechaun and lots of monkeys.

The Paperboy

The Paperboy has now become widely known as the movie where Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron’s face to save him from a jellyfish sting. Director Lee Daniels (making a massive U-turn from 2009’s Precious ) told GQ that he almost cut the film’s most notorious moment but that she talked him into it. The trashy crime thriller also stars John Cusack and Matthew McConaughey and may be the most polarizing release of the year before even hitting theatres.

Take This Waltz

Watching Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman in anything other than a gross-out comedy is kind of jarring but this romantic drama from Canadian actor-director Sarah Polley could break them out of typecasting. More importantly Michelle Williams looks fantastic as always in the doe-eyed role of a happily married woman who falls for the handsome rickshaw runner across the street. Don’t bring your significant other to this one if you’re already in the doghouse.

Total Recall

While the trailer for the upcoming Total Recall remake is cool enough on its own this clever mash-up from the film geeks at the JoBlo Movie Network is better. Mixing footage from the 1990 Schwarzenegger classic with audio from the 2012 clip it lines up surprisingly well. I also agree with a YouTube comment who said hearing Arnold’s voice come out of Colin Farrell would be even funnier.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Speaking of mash-ups those literary/monster combos like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies have always seemed kind of dumb to me. However now that Honest Abe the vampire slayer has made his way to a red band trailer it actually looks pretty entertaining. And hey it’s probably the best thing Tim Burton has had a hand in for a while now.

Brewster McCloud

Amazon recently launched a new section called “Never Before on DVD” making discs and downloads available for the first time from all kinds of short-lived TV shows and cinematic oddities. Alongside the lesser-known efforts of Brian DePalma Paul Schrader and Fritz Lang the film I’m most intrigued by is Robert Altman’s Brewster McCloud . The 1970 cult fave stars Bud Cort (the younger half of Harold and Maude ) as a loner who lives underneath the Houston Astrodome learning how to fly with the help of a guardian angel while a strangler prowls the city. And you thought Holy Motors sounded strange.

Les Misérables

Even if musicals aren’t your bag this screen adaptation of the Schönberg production based on the original Victor Hugo joint looks pretty stylish. Everyone already knew Hugh Jackman likes to sing but it turns out Anne Hathaway has some pipes as well. Now what about you Russell Crowe?