Amy Boyer owner and head fitness trainer Evolve Fitness Bootcamps

How did you get into fitness?

I’ve always been active and around sports and I was a gym rat. But I was also a graphic designer for nine years strapped to my desk for 12 to 14 hours a day and never really had the ability to get outside and enjoy myself. I had a friend who introduced me to boot camp and I was like “I’m in” because the classes were outdoors. Then all of a sudden I was hooked — I just loved the format of it all.

When I hear the phrase boot camp I think of sadistic drill sergeants yelling at people while they do incredibly hard demeaning tasks.

Wow. Let’s blow that stigma out of the water. First off do I yell? My answer would be: no. But I do offer an honest and no-nonsense approach with a smile. That sounds better.

What does a boot camp workout entail?

Well it would be one hour first and foremost. It’s designed to burn the maximum amount of calories within that hour. So it’s good for people who are time crunched — it allows them to get in get out get it done.

The way I design my classes each one is different. I’ve been doing this for five years and I have yet to do the same routine twice. It’s always full-bodied so you’d be doing push-ups burpees squats running but there could also be boxing… cardio-kick-boxing….

Forgive my ignorance what’s a burpee?

That’s my favourite exercise and dreaded by most of the population. Basically you stand bend over touch the ground jump your feet back jump in and then leap up into the air. It’s really the best exercise in my opinion because it challenges you both physically and mentally — because mentally you don’t want to barf.

So it induces vomiting?

It can.

Is there a proper way to do it so you don’t barf?

No. It just induces fear the word alone. But with time you get better at it. People do burpees at the gym too because they know it’s good for you.

What makes your boot camp different from others?

I feel there’s more to boot camp than sit-ups and burpees so for each of my campers I want to promote a healthy lifestyle. Each client will get nutritional guidance and I send out weekly newsletters that have recipes and motivational tips. They’re also sent weekly workouts [on top of the boot camps] that they can do at home or at the gym. I just like to promote no excuses.

How many boot camps should you do a week for the maximum benefit?

It’s your own intensity — what you bring to it. So two days of boot camp a week and you’ll definitely see results if you put the effort in.

Can anyone do it or do you have to be pre-fit?

Definitely anyone can come. All of my classes are designed for all fitness levels — men women all age groups.

Besides sweating and running and climbing stairs what can people expect at your class?

Well it’s a group setting so you can expect to be around people who are all striving for the same goal. And you know your group keeps you accountable — they motivate you. You can compete against people or you can make a new friend. It’s promoting fun.