El-P – Cancer for Cure

Fat Possum

It’s been about five years since the last proper full-length from rapper/producer/former label owner El-P. Maybe you are asking yourself “Well it’s been a while so should I really give a shit about him?” Yes yes you should. This is one hell of a record. Starting off with some massive drum breaks and dark futuristic synths it feels like an appetizer for a gargantuan meal ahead. El-P doesn’t get on the mic until about three minutes in and it feels like he’s been mute for the past five years aching to spit as many lyrics through your speakers as possible. I would quote some lyrics but I have no idea where to begin.

Blasting this through your car stereo might bust your speakers. The synths are really bass heavy and sent to us from another world. The guest spots are fantastic as well with Killer Mike and Despot appearing on “Tougher Colder” and Nick Diamonds from the band Islands laying down a great chorus line on “Stay Down.” While the Beastie Boys rhymed about New York’s past El-P seems to be thinking about its future. While he’s at it he’s produced one of his strongest releases to date.