Maria Curcic harmonizes her three-faceted artistry

“There’s a lot of people who know my art and people that know me by my hats and then people that know me as the DJ and no one really knows that I’m all the same person” says Maria Curcic a.k.a. DJ Mary Flavors. She’s been on the Calgary arts scene for years and her two-night show Symphony of Three showcases everything she’s good at: paintings hats that are wearable works of art and her DJ skills from underground radio station Radio Radio which will be piped in as part of the show’s ambience.

Her love for hats goes back a long way; Curcic says that as a child she never left the house without one. Creating her own millinery was born of “this love for hats and sculpture and design and architecture — I was trying to combine all of that.”

Like the pieces of art they are Curcic titles her hats with names like “Green with Envy” “Showtime” and “Hello Birdie.” She often premises them on curios or found objects such as enormous feathers she came across on a hike or the little toy soldiers that became the basis of a hat called “Soldier On.”

“It’s always materials that inspire me” she says. “I can look at a piece of fabric and already see the final outcome.”

While the head gear will be on display both nights Thursday’s event will feature three models sporting Curcic’s creations. “They’re going to be sitting in chairs so people can walk around them like little art pieces. They become the exhibit” she says.

Curcic’s fascination with architecture — she once considered becoming an architect — is evident in her paintings which she describes as “abstract transitions of architecture.”

The show will be something of a highlight reel of her long history with canvas.

“The paintings are going to be a lot of pieces of my own work that I’ve kept from each exhibit that I’ve had in the last 20 years” she explains although she will be showing some newer pieces as well.

All of this along with Radio Radio’s airwaves will be taking place at the John Snow House and the overall effect will be about the mix of artistic genres as much as the individual pieces. Curcic says that she hopes to give creative people who come to the show some encouragement.

“If they’re an artist for example I hope to inspire them to open up more doors and push boundaries and really extend what they are good at” she says. “Experiment. Try it out. See if it works — you never know it could be your new thing and maybe you could combine all of those things together.”