It’s tax time in the city. Weee!

Just when you thought you’d paid all you could it’s property tax time. The city mailed property tax bills to the roughly 450000 homes and commercial properties in the city on May 25 meaning if you haven’t receive yours yet it should be there shortly.

This year’s budget raised taxes on residential properties by six per cent an average increase of $140 over last year. Calgary will keep 56 per cent of the property taxes it receives to pay for services such as police transit garbage collection and infrastructure maintenance. The other 44 per cent goes into provincial government coffers.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi has expressed dissatisfaction with the city’s reliance on property taxes to cover municipal costs. During the April provincial election campaign Nenshi spoke publicly about the tax criticizing it as an inflexible source of revenue which tends to increase without consideration of the taxpayer’s ability to pay. Nenshi has expressed an interest in creating new tax sources while curtailing future significant property tax increases.

Tax payments are due June 29 with a seven per cent penalty for late payments.