Clams Casino – Instrumental Mixtape 2


If there ever was a producer that both avant-garde synth nerds and hip-hop heads agreed on it’s Clams Casino. In a ridiculously short amount of time the New Jersey beatsmith born Mike Volpe has become the go-to guy for rappers looking to add that high-as-fuck after-party feel to their rhymes drawing the ear of everyone from A$AP Rocky to Lil B with productions that are as hard-hitting as they are cosmically spaced-out. It’s no surprise then that forward-thinking electronic imprint Type last year released the stellar collection of rap-less Clams productions Instrumentals a record Volpe has now followed up with the appropriately named freebie Instrumental Mixtape 2 . Like its predecessor the lead vocals on Volume 2 are stripped to reveal a dense and dark underbelly with the source tracks this time culled from the aforementioned rappers and more indie-minded fare like Washed Out and Lana Del Rey along with darkened R&B auteur The Weeknd. However this is a major step up for Clams Casino as his productions have only got smoother with age — not to mention headier. Most importantly even minus the vocals never do these tracks feel thin or lacking as each often sounds as if it was originally meant to take on this instrumental form. Instrumental Mixtape 2 is no doubt a 2012 highlight and will surely get a proper physical release but for now sit back blaze up and let it flow.

Download the mixtape for free here .