Japandroids – Celebration Rock


I’ve always referred to them as the Cancon No Age but are Japandroids a punk band? I don’t really know what they are or how to approach them but they definitely want you to believe that they’re passionate. From their overwrought lyrics to their by-the-numbers “anthemic” songwriting they’re taking years of mediocre indie rock and applying it to some sort of faulty preconceived ideal of what it means to be unhinged and wild.

The resulting sophomore album is Celebration Rock a collection of songs that sounds as forced and manufactured as the Long & McQuade pedal-board that birthed most of its goofy processed sounds. That’s not to blame producer Jesse Gander — he’s a Vancouver legend whose crystalline attention to detail brings out the best in bands most recently on White Lung’s earth-scorching Sorry . Japandroids’ best however is the musical equivalent of some wealthy college students talking about life and shit over expensive craft beers.

This is “punk music” for people who have only ever listened to The Eagles.