Sickoids – s/t


The home of Daylight Robbery Defect Defect and Canadian Rifle there’s no question that Chicago’s Residue Records is one of the top imprints for jean jacket/black toque punk. You know the kind: elements of pummeling hardcore from various sub-sub-subgenres with just enough melody to keep you coming back for more. Few bands exemplify that sound as well as Philadelphia’s Sickoids.

Sure if you’re one of those masters of describing hardcore you’d be sure to impress everyone at the local squat with the elements of d-beat UK82 post-hardcore and melodic working-man punk on the band’s self-titled debut. Played separately it’s hard to see the link between the mid-tempo fuzz attack of “My Curse” the angular melody of “Hope Subsides” the gravelly pop-punk of “King of the Dirt Mound” and the straight-up noisy blasts of “Bleached Bodies.”

It’s kind of bizarre really — somehow in 18 minutes Sickoids touch sonic ground once tread by Varukers Die Kreuzen the Replacements Crass Articles of Faith and even a tiny bit of Jawbreaker. To genre purists this all-over-the-place description might sound like a living hell but in an age where even the best bands are following strict structural rules it’s a breath of fresh air to listen to a record this diverse. Without sacrificing any pent-up fury Sickoids’ ability to shift genres makes for an endlessly compelling listen.