Fire! With Oren Ambarchi – In the Mouth a Hand

Rune Grammofon

It’s almost tiring listening to any album featuring Mats Gustafsson on it. This free-jazz sax player wails into that thing so much it puts even the listener out of breath. Gustafsson blows on the saxophone to his heart’s content in this group with Johan Berthling and Andreas Werliin. The last record had Jim O’Rourke as a guest but he was featured more as a full-time player in the band making some of the wildest psych rock/free jazz/outer space music out there. Frequent collaborator of O’Rourke’s and no stranger to the improve scene Oren Ambarchi becomes a full-fledged member of the band for this record.

There are some major guitar drones blaring through this LP. There is also a ton of controlled feedback and psychedelic riffs. It appears to be a complete mess but Ambarchi and co. know exactly how to pick up the pieces and turn the whole tornado of sound into a psychedelic freak-out jam. Gustafsson holds back on some major squonk opportunities and lets the riffs shine through but still manages to get some pretty mind-blowing honks in. When the sax is blaring the band seems to compose itself if only for a little while before another monumental jam of epic proportions.