Screen Grabs June 20

The majority of trailers dropping this week from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part II the latest Resident Evil sequel and other schlock like the phone-sex comedy For A Good Time Call aren’t really worth your time but there’s still some good stuff to be seen. Scroll down for a healthy mix of blockbusters highbrow fare and more.

The Dark Knight Rises

OK I’ll bite. With exactly one month to go before opening in theatres The Dark Knight Rises has yet another trailer and it’s a heavy-hitter. Backed by the epic score of composer Hans Zimmer these shots of Christian Bale Tom Hardy Anne Hathaway and the obligatory cheeky line from Michael Caine have me pretty excited. This will also be Christopher Nolan’s last kick at the can since he looks to be trading in Batman for Bond or Howard Hughes .

The Master

P.T. Anderson’s latest now has a second teaser trailer as well amping up the anticipation a few more notches. While the first clip focused specifically on Joaquin Phoenix’s troubled character this one offers the first glimpse at Philip Seymour Hoffman in the driver’s seat and Amy Adams as his doting wife. While “The Master” is the founder of a faith-based organization an author and a scientist Hoffman has explained that it’s not ‘ The L. Ron Hubbard Story .’ I’m still not entirely convinced…

2 Days In New York Chris Rock replaces Adam Goldberg as the befuddled boyfriend in this sequel to the underrated rom-com 2 Days In Paris . While the setting and love interest may have switched since the first film five years ago Julie Delpy returns as the writer-director for another overload of painfully funny interactions. Best of all her real-life scene-stealing papa Albert Delpy is back as well.

Tsua Lei Dan This political documentary about the struggles faced by Taiwan — the only modern democracy not recognized by the U.N. — looks absolutely stunning. I’m also a bit biased because my friend and bandmate Alex Zhang Hungtai (a.k.a. Dirty Beaches) is producing the score which sounds like it’ll match the visuals quite nicely. He recently posted a short excerpt which you can check out here .

London 2012 Festival Films For the follow-up to last year’s life-shaking We Need To Talk About Kevin Lynne Ramsay joins three other British directors with short films commissioned for the 2012 Olympics. Her black and white meditation The Swimmer looks like the best of the bunch but I’m also curious to see Mike Leigh recast his Happy Go Lucky star Eddie Marsan in A Running Jump . Asif Kapadia takes on the London bombings of 7/7/07 in The Odyssey and lastly Max & Dania (the people who brought you Streetdance 3D ) adapt Rudyard Kipling’s If with a story about parkour. Can you guess which one I’m going to skip?


In the nightmare-inducing category the red band clip for this found-footage horror flick is scary enough on its own. While the story revolves a group hired to burglarize a home for a rare VHS tape the film’s format is actually far more interesting. Scary filmmakers Adam Wingard Glenn McQuaid David Bruckner Joe Swanberg Ti West and the trio known as Radio Silence all get a chance to direct short vignettes one-upping each other in low-res revulsion. It’s The Ring crossed with Trash Humpers .

Life of Pi

If you don’t feel like shelling out for a 3D screening of Prometheus to catch an extended sequence from Life of Pi a short clip has popped up online. The bad news is that it’s only 11 seconds long but you can still get a tantalizing glimpse at the adaptation of Yann Martel’s novel from director Ang Lee set to star Irrfan Khan Gérard Depardieu and Tobey Maguire.

Monsters University The jury’s still out whether Billy Crystal is self-aware or totally clueless but it’s hard to find fault in a kid’s movie like Monsters Inc . Pixar is now gearing up for the sequel sending voice actors Crystal John Goodman and Steve Buscemi back in time to their beastly post-secondary days. Monsters U. doesn’t hit theatres until June 2013 but here’s the first look.