Sled comedy is choice

Picking what to see even harder thanks to stellar stand-ups

With over 200 bands playing at Sled Island it’s sometimes difficult to choose who you’re going to see especially when you consider that at least two good shows are usually on at the same time. But there’s one sure thing: you cannot miss the comedy at this year’s festival. Last year had notable comedians such as Neil Hamburger and Tig Notaro bringing huge laughs and shocking moments. This year promises to be even better. Here’s some highlights:


Neil Hamburger returns with his classic style of filthy jokes with many a drink in hand. He was punched in the face last year by some wild girl because of some jokes he made but came back again the next night to headline the show. His jokes have the tendency to make people angry because they are usually filthy often focused on celebrities and peppered with Hamburger coughing and hacking. One of his albums is a live set opening for Tenacious D where the audience just boos him for about an hour. Once you are in on the joke he is one of the funniest comedians to see. He has a joke about cranberry sauce that kills.


Many may recognize Gavin McInnes as the co-founder of Vice magazine who’s considered to be “the godfather of hipsterdom” whatever that means. He used to do the “Do’s & Don’ts” for Vice and they were very funny. Now that he’s left the magazine somebody still does them but they aren’t very good anymore. He recently put out a book about his old party days called How to Piss in Public and writes often for Takimag a controversial Libertarian webzine. Oh he also has an advertising agency called Rooster New York. This man is very busy but he found the time to come down — and possibly talk about his hilarious Scottish dad.

tim heidecker

Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! has been a comedic staple for comedy nerds in the last few years. Even SNL has ripped off the Tim and Eric style. It’s fast-paced scat-heavy low-brow cheap and totally insane. The editing style is completely bonkers and some of the characters involved are pretty unbelievable. Tim Heidecker has a production company that has branched out to produce such shows as The Eric Andre Show and Comedy Bang Bang two of the funniest comedy programs on air right now. He has also recently starred in two full-length features Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie and The Comedy . His style can be pretty awkward — more in the vein of Neil Hamburger — but that can lead into some insane bouts of laughter. His performance should be one of the more sought after at the festival.

natasha leggero

Natasha Leggero is often featured doing celebrity commentary on the show Chelsea Lately and she is the voice of Callie Maggotbone on the animated series Ugly Americans . She has done a ton of acting work but has recently been getting a lot of comedic recognition for her new album Coke Money . She doesn’t seem to take a lot of shit from brainless goons and has a really twisted sarcastic sense of humour.

todd barry

Todd Barry is bringing his dry wit to close out the comedy shows this year and it’s going to be incredible. He has some fantastic recordings out including From Heaven which is one of the funniest albums I’ve ever heard. He also plays a version of himself in the Adult Swim comedy series Delocated where he seems mostly unfazed by the Russian mobsters he hangs out with all day. Sometimes you can also see him giving out a couple of lines on the Louis C.K. show Louie . He is one of the most respected comedians around.