Weekly Leaks August 10

After a brief hiatus I’m back to give you a taste of the week’s most delicious musical sounds. Without further ado the return of Weekly Leaks!

Chris Reimer The Chad Tape

While we’re still mourning the loss of a great Calgarian musical voice the work of Chris Reimer lives on with The Chad Tape . The collection was lovingly assembled by Reimer’s close friends and features nine ambient compositions. Check it out below and click here to order the cassette or download the digital files. All proceeds go to the Chris Reimer Legacy Fund.

<a href="http://chrisreimer.bandcamp.com/album/the-chad-tape" mce_href="http://chrisreimer.bandcamp.com/album/the-chad-tape">The Chad Tape by Chris Reimer</a> Bob Mould “The Descent”

I’ve never been a fan of the production on Hüsker dude Bob Mould’s more recent solo albums but if “The Descent” is any indication upcoming record Silver Age might have remedied that with some insanely bright guitars that emphasize his ability to write incredible hooks.

The Fresh & Onlys “Presence of Mind

At some point San Francisco psych crew the Fresh & Onlys switched gears to become a dream-pop band but no one should be complaining with tracks as solid as “Presence of Mind” which will appear on the group’s upcoming album Long Slow Dance .

Airbird “Long Lake”

Best known as the non-Oneohtrix half of Ford & Lopatin Joel Ford also makes solo music under the name Airbird. “Long Lake” is a cut from his upcoming Romance Layers EP and it’s a synth-heavy space traveler of a track.

Lindstrøm "Rà-àkõ-st"

Norwegian producer Lindstrøm returned with a new nearly-nine-minute opus with an unpronounceable title. Like his best work it’s a thick and addictive slab of Balearic disco that’ll have you begging for more when it’s over.

Loscil "Coyote"

Vancouver sound sculptor Loscil is set to return with a new album for Kranky called Sketches from New Brighton . The first leak is another ambient soundscape called “Coyote” that creates a warm aural zone to get lost in.

Alley Boy “Your Favorite Rapper” (ft. Pusha T)

Atlanta rapper Alley Boy turns up the ratchetness on his banging new single “Your Favorite Rapper.” The beat is enormous Alley Boy kills his verse and then Pusha T shows up to hit it out of the park. This is one of the most addictive rap songs I’ve heard since Chief Keef showed up a few months ago.