Want to buy an old station in a parking lot?

Does anyone want a 60-year-old gas station? The historic Eamon’s station in Rocky Ridge was slated for demolition to make way for the expanding northwest LRT line. However public interest in preserving it led City Hall to seek people who would like to restore and lease the building which has been moved off site and will eventually be located in the Rocky Ridge Park & Ride.

Anne Cataford manager of LRT projects for the City of Calgary says the city is open to any ideas for the building and that the amount of restoration required will depend on the kind of business ultimately operating in it.

“There’s guidelines around sort of retaining the heritage elements and so those are outlined in the RFPQ [request for proposal quote]” says Cataford. “Whoever would take control of the building would be obligated to meet those standards and guidelines. This stage is just really getting a sense of who might be interested in using the space and we’ve outlined what the requirements would be…. It would be at their cost to refurbish the building and just part of the cost to lease.”

The Eamon’s gas station opened in 1949 by Ron Eamon is approximately 1500 square feet. The city is taking proposals until October 10.