Rangda – Formerly Extinct

Drag City

Sir Richard Bishop Ben Chasny and Chris Corsano have graced our ears with another Rangda release. The last one was primarily a raging tornado of wild riffs blazing through our skulls with what sounded like an army of guitars. It was destroying the notion of what a three-piece band could accomplish. Thank God they have come back to haunt our eardrums once again. Although this album does not contain the same massive freak-outs it still packs a mighty wallop.

The first track “Idol’s Eye” kicks in with drums and some riffs flowing along like light river rapids. Suddenly a completely insane solo bursts in and completely throws the track into controlled chaos whatever that means. The songs never feel out of place or loose. Everything feels right even when a really excellent groove gets lost like in “Plugged Nickel.” The groove chug-a-lugs along nicely from the get-go and eventually builds into a minor spazz-out. Then the groove returns while some heavy strumming throws it off to the side. It slows to a nice pace although it’s never without a bunch of guitar wailing in the background.

It’s a smart heavy hunk of guitars gone wild; a mighty slab that will treat you right.