Survey for the police says we love the police

Most Calgarians have high opinions of the Calgary Police Service according to a survey released October 2 by the Calgary Police Commission. Notably public satisfaction with the police has risen to 96 per cent in 2012 from a relative low of 89 per cent in 2008.

Calgary Police Commission chair Mike Shaikh said in a press release “Our police service has been working hard to ensure that Calgarians feel safe in their communities and these results show that their work has paid off for our citizens.”

The number of crimes being reported has also gone up though 32 per cent of respondents who said they had been the victim of a crime did not report it mainly because they “did not want to bother police” or “felt that the police could not do anything anyway.”

Also among those that did have contact with the police in the last year three-quarters said they were satisfied and police were courteous and efficient while a minority said they were dissatisfied because the police were rude and unhelpful.

The annual public survey is intended to research how Calgarians perceive the police service what they expect from officers and which crime issues are of greatest public concern.

The Police Commission phoned 1002 people to conduct its 20-minute questionnaire.