Screen Grabs October 24

This week on Screen Grabs: Iron Man 3’s sullen-yet-explosive trailer drops the Central Park Five find some justice Bill Pullman goes hunting for exotic fruit and Alison Brie stars in something that isn’t just about her boobs. Act like you know.

The Fruit Hunters :

Yeah it’s super creepy when people liken fruit to human genitalia — and it happens way way too often — but there are groups that take such comparison seriously. Such as fruit hunters who are the subject of uh Fruit Hunters. This film which makes its international debut this week explores the hidden culture of fruit which explores the insane distances people go to discover new undiscovered and rare fruit. (It is at many times compared to drugs both in addiction and industry terms.) Yes there’s a stubborn activist streak here — mostly targeting monocultures — weird Eden references and a few holy-shit-how-can-anyone-have-enough-free-time-to-care-about-fucking-fruit moments but still this shit is flat-out fascinating. Bonus: Bill Pullman a real-deal flesh-and-blood fruit hunter stars in this film.

Steve Mazan: Dying to do Letterman

Funny meet completely fucking harrowing. Dying to do Letterman is a doc produced by Adam Yauch’s Oscilloscope Laboratories detailing Steve Mazan’s story — namely he’s a comic who like most Americans of his ilk wants to break his career on Late Night With David Letterman. Things get more pressing though when he discovers roughly 10 cancerous growths — and then find out he has five years to live. This trailer seems like the amazing intersection of sweet sad and hilarious and if you’re not on board with the “fuck cancer” sentiment you’re likely dead inside. So like you should totes get that checked out.

Central Park Five

This week’s most devastating — and explosive — trailer without a doubt goes to Central Park Five a documentary whose notes and outtakes were subpoenaed by the city of New York. Why? Well it cover story of five black youth convicted of raping a jogger in Central Park in 1989 — who received their sentence without sufficient evidence. And shit gets ugly even in this journalistically sound doc: It tells the story of a modern city driven by racial divisions and an ugly mob mentality which drove the boys to deliver a false confession. New York City: Shaaaaame!

Save the Date

I recently went to New York where I saw a Community shirt emblazoned with the words “Annie’s Boobs.” Ugh. Listen fellas I have a bigger Alison Brie crush than most but let’s kill that joke. Because Brie’s a hilarious actress and she along with Lizzy Caplan seemingly has an indie romcom winner in Save the Date . Produced by the minds behind Garden State and the wonderful The Kids Are Alright it contrasts two sisters one hesitant to commitment (Caplan) and other getting prepped for marriage (Brie). Roll your eyes sure but this trailer is so unsensational so subtly hip and so unflinchingly earnest that this shit feels way too real. I am watching this movie. And no I will not qualify this entry with a “no homo.”

Iron Man 3

Holy shit Tony Stark just dropped his douchebag tendencies. All this trailer reveals is a straight-faced Stark who’s getting ready to smash some terrorist ass. Cue a zillion fanboys calling this “epic.” God bless ‘Merica.

High Ground

Directed by Michael Brown High Ground follows a group of amputated war veterans attempting to climb Mount Lobuche a 20000 foot Himalayan peak. It’s all seems dandy an inspirational — not to mention flat-out beautiful — but this trailer hits on a deeply profound level: It explores the deep trauma of war and the recovery from it and compares it flatly with an intense physical challenge. Which has plenty of room to be inspirational but illuminating as well.

A Haunted House

Guys it’s a Marlon Wayans flick spoofing Paranormal Activity so this is L.O.B.O.T.O. What’s the problem here?

American Mary

Acquired last week by Anchor Bay — meaning we’ll actually get to see it in Canada soonish — was American Mary a horror flick about a med student who quits to pursue body modifications. (To quite predictably grotesque effects.) Of note to Can-film fanatics: Ginger Snaps darling Katherine Isabelle carries this one. Of note to the doughy wizard-worshipping metal-purist roller-derby types: This shit is right up your alley. G’lord!